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 We are excited to sell our core bike lines Trek, Kona .  Whether you want to beat fuel prices, race or relax, tour the country or take trips to the corner store we have a bike for you. We carry bikes for your youngster’s first wheels to those who want to rediscover the thrill of bike riding. These bike lines have you covered.




 Look Bikes have been added to our road bike selection and four new BMX lines.  Come checkout. We have three new Long Board lines for this summer. Browse Doug’s website and links too our great suppliers. With Saskatoons largest selection of bikes we have the right model that will fit your budget and riding style.





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                                                                                                    Precision tools determine proper frame size-For the buyer, purchasing a bicycle involves many decisions. The brand, model, materials, color and other variables are all a matter of personal choice. At first glance, choosing the frame size might seem the least subjective of all these decisions, but this is not always the case and this is why a small Canadian company is slowly but surely changing the way things are typically done in the world of cycle retailing. This company is called Ateliers Juteau-Cantin, manufacturers of precision bike fit tools and postural study specialists in the field of cycling.